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New Member Night!

New member night is on Tuesday, September 22nd at 6pm! The meeting will be held at Central Tech High School. Please use the shop entrance on the north side! We look forward to seeing you there!

For directions, click the icon on the right!

Team291 Gallery

CIA Scouting (Aerial Assist)

This is a FIRST Robotics scouting app for Aerial Assist. It is used by Team291 - Creativity in Action (CIA). This app not only makes scouting data easily accessible, but also easily manageable. Any FIRST Robotics team can use this app for scouting.

This app will create two XML files in a scouting folder in the root directory of your device. Here you can access the scouting data and export it wherever you like.

IMPORTANT: Although phones can use this app, this app is graphically optimized for TABLETS.

IMPORTANT: Please install master computer program on a computer that you will be taking to competition. You will need to export data from this app to compile it on the command line program.

***The link for this program: (Your browser may try to reject the download because its a zip folder with executable files in it, but I assure you there are no harmful software in this project).***


1) Students scout with the scouting app.

2) Once an alert pops up on the app to drop off at master computer, plug in device with app into master computer via USB

3) Go into the device default root memory directory and find the folder named "scouting"

4) Go into this folder and you should see either a "data.xml" file or a "a_data.xml" file ("data.xml" is for PIT scouting, whereas "a_data.xml" is for FIELD scouting.)

5) Run master computer program (which you can download at the link mentioned above in the asterisks) to sync data with the plugged in device.

6) Disconnect Device from computer, and go back to step 1. (Once you have finished scouting, and you have synced all the data from your devices, you can use the master computer program to organize, manage, and interpret all of your scouting data.)

Download App Download Raw Apk

FRC Spyder

"FRC Spyder gives you access to up-to-the-minute results for all FIRST Robotics Competition events of the 2014 season. Use it to download and view match schedules, match scores, event rankings, team OPR, and event statistics as the event is going on. It's perfect for when you're at an event or keeping track of your team when you can't be there. Register to receive automatic push notifications when scores for selected teams are posted."

~DWAB Technology

Android iPhone

Challenge For 2014 - Aerial Assist

The challenge released for the 2014 challenge year is called Aerial Assist, and requires a high level of cooperation between the three teams in the alliance. Two alliances will be competing in the same arena, and they may score by putting a ball through either of the two goals on the game floor or the goal that rests seven feet above the game floor. FIRST is forcing the teams in the alliances to cooperate by awarding points based on how many of the robots in the alliance have control of the ball within each of the three zones the game floor is split into during each of the cycles. There is also the option for a robot to launch the ball over a bar resting suspended five feet above the game floor for an extra 10 points. For more detailed information about this years game, you can see the FRC Challenge Manual by clicking the black box below.

FRC Game Manual


Buying parts and the costs for transporting the robot and students requires a fairly large budget every year. Our team gets help from a multitude of generous sponsors which will help us by giving us a money donation. We have four different levels of sponsorship that our sponsors can be placed into depending on the amount of money they agree to donate to us. In order to thank our sponsors, we have placed their names on our website, and we would appreciate it if you would take a look at who has generously helped us accomplish our goals by clicking the black box below or the link in the navigation bar above.


FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST is a program For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. The purpose of the FIRST program is to get the youth of our generation interesting in engineering and science. The FIRST group has five programs that students can participate in: the FIRST Robotics Competition for Grades 9 - 12, the FIRST Tech challenge for Grades 7 - 12, the FIRST LEGO League for Grades 4 - 8, the Junior FIRST LEGO League for Grades K - 3, and the FIRST Place for Grades 6 to adult. Our team participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition, which is the most difficult division. Every year, FIRST releases a new challenge that the FIRST Robotics Competition teams must complete using Robots that the teams build themselves. For more information on the task for this year, see the box below titled "Challenge for 2014." Parts for building the robot as well as travel costs add together to create a budget that the teams must meet in order to compete in teams. As a result, this event teaches students the technical skills necessary to build a robot as well as the skills necessary to mediate between potential business associates in the real world. Skills that are associated with building a robot could include programming using a programming language like C++ or Java, designing parts for the robot using Computer-Aided Design software, and mechanical or electrical skills necessary to actually build a robot. Mediation skills that can be aquired through participation in this group could include the ability to sell products or ask groups for aid in the form of either money donations or mentors to help teach students to build or operate a robot. Teams associated with the FIRST Robotics Competition also want to spread knowledge of the FIRST program to people in the community, and one of the best ways this is accomplished is through volunteer projects that team members participate in. Our team specifically is comprised mostly of students attending Northwest Pennsylvania's Collegiate Academy, but we also have students join from schools in the surrounding areas, like Central Tech, Iriquois, and Northwestern. To get more information on the FIRST Robotics Competition, click the black box below, or the FRC link in the navigation bar.

FIRST Robotics Competition